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Environmental Impact Assessments

YVR conducts environmental reviews of all proposed projects, in accordance with Section 67 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. These reviews identify potential impacts, such as loss of sensitive habitats, and include an analysis of potential social impacts.

Our Environment team regularly monitors construction projects to ensure mitigation efforts are implemented and are effective. We conducted more than 130 site visits in 2016 to 18 different construction projects and we are pleased to share that in 2016 no projects were found to cause significant adverse environmental or social effects. YVR also regularly monitors projects to ensure mitigation efforts are implemented and we undertake regular archaeological assessments to ensure projects do not impact heritage values; in 2016 no new archaeological assessments were required.

In addition to environmental reviews and monitoring, YVR regularly conducts sustainability assessments for new operations and facilities, looking at how they will affect the environment and communities. To do this, we developed the Sustainability Case Document (SCD), which is a tool that helps us consider an array of options. After narrowing down our choices to the most viable options through the SCD, we then develop a comprehensive sustainability matrix to rate each option based on specific criteria identified in the areas of social, governance, economic and environment.

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