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Respect in the Workplace and Non Discrimination Policy

Vancouver Airport Authority is committed to providing a work environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect, as noted in our Social Policy. This includes the right for every employee to work in an atmosphere that promotes respect, consideration and is free from personal harassment, bullying or discrimination. Our commitment aligns with the obligations under the Canadian Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in respect to employment. For instance, our Collective Agreement includes a No Discrimination provision. The Respect in the Workplace Policy includes definitions, examples and a complaint process that encourages employees to deal with interpersonal issues by first speaking directly to the other person involved. To ensure employees understand the Policy, we provide Respect in the Workplace training in our new employee orientation process. The Airport Authority commits to investigating all complaints in an objective manner. If a complaint is found to have merit, then decisive and suitable action will be taken. In 2016, we investigated four formal complaints through an external party. Only one complaint was found to have involved conduct that was deemed harassment under the Policy and corrective measures were taken.

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