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Employee Feedback

The Airport Authority values its employees and encourages feedback through our bi-annual employee survey, all-employee meetings and the Airport Authority’s corporate intranet.

We held three rounds of all-employee meetings in 2016, where employees had an opportunity to learn about what’s happening in the organization and provide immediate feedback. We held eight meetings per round across multiple dates to accommodate our employees’ shift schedules and filmed the meetings for those unable to attend. The average attendance was 74 per cent. In addition, we held three all-management meetings.

Engagement Survey

In 2016 we held our bi-annual employee engagement survey. Based on Willis Towers Watson’s Sustainable Engagement model, the survey consisted of 62 opinion items across 15 categories. Overall, the survey results were very positive, with a 92 per cent employee participation rate and all categories improving over 2014. Our key strength areas—Customer Focus, Goals and Objectives and Communications—demonstrate our teams’ clear understanding of our commitment to customer care, corporate objectives and sharing information. Our most improved areas included Career Development, Performance Evaluation and Empowerment.

We made great progress with sustainable engagement, which is the lasting connection between employees and their organization, marked by a committed effort to achieve goals in environments that support productivity while maintaining personal well-being. Our overall sustainable engagement score is now at 76 per cent, four points higher than our 2014 result of 72 per cent.

We shared survey results at our all-employee meetings and posted them on the corporate intranet in July. Each management team presented the results to their teams, who were asked to develop a plan that details how they will sustain or improve their scores.

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