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Health and Safety Management System

YVR’s integrated Safety, Security and Environment Policy provides the framework for our Health and Safety Management System. This system is verified by the three-year Certificate of Recognition program and is based on the Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services 18001 standard.

Certificate of Recognition

In 2016, we successfully passed our recertification audit through WorkSafeBC’s Certification of Recognition (COR) Program, with outstanding scores of 95 per cent for the occupational health and safety management system audit and 96 per cent for the injury management audit. These high scores reflect our safe working conditions, which meet Canada Labour Code. We worked with two newly certified COR internal auditors and we will continue to make recommendations to improve our Health and Safety Management System.

Occupational Safety and Health Committee

Under the Health and Safety Management System, our joint Occupational Safety and Health Committee reviews policies, programs and safe work practices on an annual basis—cross-referencing with applicable regulations, standards, guidelines and best practices.

Comprised equally of men, women, management and bargaining unit employees across departments, the Committee discusses, promotes, recommends and resolves safety and health issues through consensus. The Committee is active in developing and promoting our health, safety and wellness initiatives, along with regulatory activities such as conducting inspections and investigations and reviewing health and safety programs. In 2016, this team continued to set specific targets for health and wellness performance, including no lost time accidents, zero non-compliances, training and attendance.

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) issued one Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (AVC) citing 14 minor workplace health and safety non-compliance items. All 14 items were addressed and corrected.

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