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Sustainable Purchasing Policy

In 2016 we implemented YVR’s new Sustainable Purchasing Policy, which plays a large role in our Social Policy and its commitment to the supply chain. It aims to embed sustainability in our purchasing decisions and ensure meaningful consideration of environmental, social, economic and governance criteria when selecting suppliers, products and services.

We recognize that our team acts as sustainability coordinators, making purchasing decisions that reflect our standards. To ensure this team is knowledgeable about the new policy, we developed a Sustainability Tool Kit to assist in making sustainable purchasing decisions. We encourage our team to undergo training and concurrently have several employees receiving training in sustainability and diversity.

Under the Sustainable Purchasing Policy, we consider sustainability criteria throughout all types of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Expression of Interest (RFEOIs) and weigh suppliers’ responses as part of evaluating submissions. To do this, we included a new Sustainability Leadership Questionnaire for select RFPs in 2016. We set a first year target to include the Questionnaire for all major service contracts (over $1 million over multiple years). We met our target and had six major service contract RFPs where the Questionnaire was completed as part of the process.

The Questionnaire asked respondents 14 key questions about management systems and reporting, environmental, workplace and supply chain practices and leadership activities. Questions sought information on a range of topics including environmental certifications and accreditations, policies related to energy efficiency and water conservation, programs aimed at diversity and universal access and more. The responses will help YVR improve and expand its Sustainable Purchasing Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct.

We included this questionnaire in the selection criteria for bids that involved the procurement of goods, including an electronic display board and network devices, which impact our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption. We also included the questionnaire in bids for the procurement of services, including maintenance and waste management, as they either create GHG emissions or consume energy.

YVR includes environmental commitments in the majority of its agreements. We have environmental provisions in our land leases with tenants and our construction contracts. 100 per cent of YVR’s supply contracts and purchase orders clearly state that suppliers and contractors will comply with international, federal, provincial and municipal environmental protection laws and regulations. There were no terminations of supplier contracts in 2016 for environmental, social or corporate governance reasons.

What we bought

Through the new Sustainable Purchasing Policy, we obtained a range of services and products that will significantly improve YVR’s environmental performance. We purchased our first fully electric ecobus for remote gate operations, cutting CO2 emissions by 100 per cent, and purchased six hybrid buses that cut fleet diesel consumption by 34 per cent. We purchased five electrical vehicles and decreased water consumption for laundry by 33 per cent through an innovative new program developed by our uniform and cleaning contractor. We also replaced our existing LED display board in the Transborder (U.S.) check-in area with a new big board that produces a 33.5 per cent energy savings.

Read more about our environmental activities.

Future Development

We will continue to include the questionnaire in all RFPs (excluding tenders). We will further promote the Policy by including it with the roll-out of our new Contractor Safety Management Program and including it on

We are looking into a number of potential developments. In some cases, we will be auditing partners to ensure they uphold the Policy and requiring partners to have ISO 14001 certification. We are looking at how to assess the social impacts of contractors and business partners, as per our Social Policy, and are gathering data to report on how much business YVR has done with select groups including First Nations, visible minorities, women, fair trade partners and local suppliers.

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