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Report on Single Source Contracts

In general, the Airport Authority’s procurement of goods and services will be awarded following a competitive process. Exceptions to this policy may be made in the circumstances described in the list below. The persons with the appropriate signing authority will state in writing upon what grounds the exception is being made.

Reasons for exceptions:

  1. The goods or services are of a proprietary nature or there is only one qualified supplier;
  2. The urgency of a safety, security or critical operating need so requires;
  3. In compliance with a product or equipment standardization program;
  4. When the supplier has satisfactorily performed previous related services that provided a cost saving to the Airport Authority;
  5. The essential partnership of the transaction exists between a major third party (for example, airlines, hotels, cruise ship lines) and the supplier;
  6. The value of the product or service does not warrant the cost and time required to invite competitive submissions; and
  7. The supplier has been awarded a contract for a similar product or service by the Airport Authority as the result of a competitive process within the previous five years.

In keeping with our policy of being transparent, we publish the list of goods and services costing more than $133,126 ($100,000 in 2000 dollars) that were not awarded on the basis of a competitive process during 2016. The table below reports $18,031,817 in single source contracts, representing 7.0 per cent of the total goods and services purchased in 2016.

Aggregate Contract Value Contractor Description Multiple Year Agreement Reasons*
$1,965,502 Vestergaard Company Inc. De-Icing Trucks N 3
$1,783,771 John Bean Technologies Canada Ltd. Dual Bridge Installation N 7
$1,571,574 Volvo Group Canada dba Nova Bus Hybrid-electric Buses N 7
$1,058,200 Cobus Industries GmbH Electric Bus N 3
$988,711 John Bean Technologies Canada Ltd. Construction Services N 7
$822,231 Induperm Airfield tdght Supptdes N 3
$612,120 Britco LP Trailers N 2
$559,315 Induperm Airfield Sign Replacement N 3
$525,259 PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services LLC Consulting Services N 4
$524,706 Cooper Crouse-Hinds Airfield Sign Replacement N 3
$487,020 Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Canada, Inc. Fire Alarm Upgrades N 1
$465,952 John Bean Technologies Canada Ltd. Bridges N 1
$404,902 Trinimbus IT Services N 4
$384,953 Record Automatic Doors Inc. Automatic Door Replacement N 3
$365,000 InterVistas Consulting Inc. Consulting Services Y 1
$359,756 Glidepath Systems Ltd. Self-Bag Drop Equipment N 1
$357,674 Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. Consulting Services N 3
$330,320 Glidepath Systems Ltd. Baggage Sorters N 2
$326,400 GSE Holdings Inc. GSU Power Converters N 1
$317,367 Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd. Consulting Services N 2
$299,217 Arcadia Chair Company Holdroom Furniture N 3
$295,865 Young Electric Ltd. Construction Services N 2
$287,299 AeroVironment Inc. Charging Station Equipment N 3
$228,860 DDB Canada Consulting Services Y 3
$228,090 Embross North America Ltd. Kiosks N 3
$224,294 CEM Systems Ltd. Access Control System N 3
$215,361 Armtec Construction Services N 3
$204,235 RJ & Associates Environmental Consulting Consulting Services N 3
$197,000 Artistic Tile Ltd. Construction Services N 3
$181,800 Studio One Architecture Inc. Consulting Services N 7
$179,165 iVeKteR Inc. Holdroom Furniture N 3
$173,200 Team Eagle Ltd. Airfield Equipment N 1
$173,000 Canadian Dewatering Fluid Management Ltd. Water Treatment Services Y 3
$172,070 Jaquith Industries Inc. Construction Services N 7
$170,635 Designtex Inc. Holdroom Furniture N 3
$155,000 Graham Construction and Engineering LP Construction Services N 2
$154,700 Graham Construction and Engineering LP Construction Services N 7
$146,195 Heritage Office Furnishings Ltd. Office Furniture N 4
$135,097 Heritage Office Furnishings Ltd. Office Furniture N 4

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