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YVR Stars

A big thank you to the 2016 YVR stars—your efforts are key to our success!

The YVR Stars program encourages travellers, visitors and employees to nominate anyone who works or volunteers on Sea Island for providing exceptional customer care. In addition to promoting great customer services, the program inspires the YVR community to take pride in their work. In 2016, YVR Stars received 545 nominations encompassing 55 companies on Sea Island. We hosted our second annual celebration event in February for YVR Stars, welcoming winners that demonstrated exceptional safety and security, teamwork and overall customer care.

Safety Award
Alan Mou, Carillion

Security Award
Fabien Morere, Green Coat Volunteer

Teamwork Award
Bob Bigelow, Securiguard; Lupita Silva and Elena Tam, Aeromexico

Beyond, Every Day
Hassan El Haimeur, Marquise

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