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Green Coat Volunteers

For over 27 years, YVR’s Green Coat volunteers have assisted travellers and visitors. They are located throughout the terminal and are always happy to help answer questions and ensure everyone has a great experience. This friendly team of 444 volunteers delivered 81,014 hours of service in 21 languages in 2016. Our Green Coat volunteers are continually going beyond for our passengers. From reuniting passengers with lost items to providing directions and assistance, they are core to our customer care efforts.

[quote citation="YVR Passenger" url=""]Ann, a volunteer at the information booth, saved the day when I came through YVR! I had left some items in my hotel room in Vancouver and only realized when I reached the airport to travel to Montreal. I didn't have time to return to the hotel without missing my flight so got through security and tried to call the hotel from my mobile. My mobile would not connect and I was looking for someone to help me with the dialling codes.

Ann checked the number on the web and then immediately used her own mobile to call the number and handed me the phone once connected. I was so relieved to get through before I flew and she would not accept any payment for the use of her phone. I could have hugged her! She was fabulous![/quote]

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