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Air Canada and the Dreamliner

A big thanks to our long-standing partner Air Canada, whose decision to expand its transpacific hub out of YVR has led to incredible growth. Not only does Air Canada represent approximately 50 per cent of our passengers, their efforts in 2016 contributed to 1.2 million new passengers—62 per cent of our growth. Air Canada launched seven new international services in 2016 including non-stop to Delhi and Brisbane on the Dreamliner aircraft, a technological marvel that’s making new routes possible for our passengers and products.

The operating economics of the 787 Dreamliner together with the efforts of the Vancouver Airport Authority, who have maintained airport operating costs at levels among the lowest in Canada, have enabled us to grow our Vancouver hub. Together with our extensive western Canada domestic and western US transborder network, combined with the seamless connection experience through YVR's US in-transit pre-clearance facilities, position YVR to be the preferred gateway hub for transpacific travel to and from North America.
Benjamin Smith President, Passenger Airlines, Air Canada, 2016

The World’s Largest Passenger Aircraft

On May 1, YVR welcomed British Airways’ Airbus A380—the largest passenger aircraft in the world—for the first time. This was a significant milestone in YVR’s history as it marked over two decades of careful planning. Thanks to large aircraft like the A380, we can move more passengers with less airside traffic. This is efficient, economical and sustainable as it cuts down on emissions and resources.

Xiamen Airlines

Xiamen Airlines arrived at YVR on July 26 to much fanfare. YVR is excited to add the beautiful coastal city Xiamen to our growing list of Chinese destinations and we are proud to be Xiamen Airline’s first service to North America.

Beijing Capital Airlines

On December 30, YVR welcomed Beijing Capital Airlines and its new service to Hangzhou and Qingdao—two key hub cities with amazing scenery, history and business opportunities.

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