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Delivering Remarkable Customer Experiences

YVR understands that our customers have choices and in 2016 we focused on the customer experience with key projects that deliver a more efficient and enjoyable airport for everyone.

Sense Of Place

YVR’s award-winning Sense of Place is the rich story of our province—with its diverse landscape and people—reflected in beautiful art and architecture.

New Art

We kicked off the year celebrating a collection of new art from internationally acclaimed First Nations artist Reg Davidson. Located in YVR’s Domestic Terminal, the art pieces—Raven Stealing the Beaver Lake, The Blind Halibut Fisherman and Raven with a Broken Beak—recount Haida myths in which Raven features as both beneficent cultural hero and prank-playing Trickster.

The Jade Canoe Turns 20

2016 marked the 20th anniversary of The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe arriving at YVR. This iconic sculpture by legendary Canadian artist Bill Reid means so much to YVR. It serves as the natural nexus point for the entire airport, where the public and passengers meet prior to grand adventures and where countless photos have been taken over the past two decades.

The Jade Canoe weighs 4,900 kilograms, more than 4 Cessna 172s

New Universal Design Requirements

To improve access for all airport users, YVR developed a comprehensive, multi-year Universal Design Requirements framework that meets and exceeds the National Building Code of Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency’s ”Code of Practice; Passenger Terminal Accessibility.“ Developed through a cross-departmental team, the framework includes a range of design requirements: circulation spaces (elevators, escalators, moving walkways, stairs and handrails), emergency systems, washrooms, signage and wayfinding, communications, tenant spaces, food court seating, office spaces, vehicle access and more. YVR will continue to work with our partners in 2017, including Rick Hansen Foundation, to further embed universal access into all airport design.

New Autism Access Sticker

We proudly unveiled the new YVR Autism Access Sticker as part of our I CAN Fly program—a collaboration between YVR and the Canucks Autism Network that provides air travel resources to support individuals and families living with autism. The sticker is a self-identification tool that can be placed on boarding passes. This ensures an expedited airport process through screening and Customs and better communicates the specific needs of passengers to airport employees.


  • 100+ Million passengers served
  • 1300+ BORDERXPRESS™ kiosks sold, more than any other provider

YVR’s award-winning BORDERXPRESS™ self-service border kiosks continued to shine, helping improve the airport experience for millions of passengers. We sold another 268 kiosks to airports in Canada and the U.S. and continued to improve eligibility for passengers all over the world. New locations included airports in Guam, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Oakland, Pittsburg and New York (JFK Terminal 7), as well as Port Everglades seaport.

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